About Us

Our brand name elictrl combined with 2 words, first word is electronic, second word is control, so it’s easy-to-momery. The brand Elictrl express our mission is focusing on electronic controller business.

We, Elictrl is a leading manufacturer whom are focusing on electronic control system of household appliances, specially in kitchen appliances industry.

Our high-end controller products were, are and will being sold in wide range of market on Europe, North America, South America, Mid-east etc.

Why our control panel & board products are so popular and highly accepted by our clients around the world? In one word, high quality and competitive price, one more, top-level services in all process of business with us.

Being part of your kitchen appliances business means producing high-quality electronic controller to support always.

The key point to choose us is that we are continually invest huge money to produce 100% original designed products. To support strongly your household appliances business with large types of new designs month by month. Small quantity trail order acceptable for us to help you immediatly to test new item on local marketing works.

Please don’t hesitate, hurry up, to contact us for build deeply cooperation. If not, your competitors would find us firstly and get our biggest supporter and finally beat you down in the market.

Our mission is to produce intelligent & high-top technology electronic controller which be accessible to everyone.

We honored and proud of ourselves that Elictrl is a National High-tech Enterprises certified by China government.

We always keep our triple attention on the edge-cutting technology which could be used on electronic controller for household appliances.

Nowadays, we produce voice controller, phone App control system, etc, which are much more better for user to enjoy life.

In one word, Elictrl is your best supplier for electronic controller whom you’re looking for day by day. Please subscribe us, follow us, email us, call us, whatsapp us…all ways you are company with us.
Whatever controller you want for your kitchen appliances production line, Elictrl could R&D and produce for you.
We’re pleasured to be with you!


Elictrl produce and export wide range of products of electronic controller. Our main products are electric oven control panel, gas oven control board, steam oven control system, range hood switch, cooker hoods control panel, gas hob timer, stove range controller, etc.

Oven Controller
Range Hoods Control
Gas Hob Timer
BLDC Motor Control