When you browse our Agent Policy page, it seems that you want to be our business partner in your local market. First of all, thank you so much.

The first-required terms of being our agent is:

  1. There is no Elictrl’s current agent in your country or area.
  2. We don’t have direct and huge business in your country or area now.
  3. You should guarante us a satisfied sales avenues and amount.

The second-required terms of being our agent is:

  1. You have talented experience of household appliances, or you want to be egled on kitchen appliances industry.
  2. You are ability to repair some simple issues on electronic controller or you would hire someone experienced to work for you.
  3. Without our official permission, you could not promised or contracted with any clients on pricing, payment conditions and more. Otherwise, your agent authorization would be dismissed immediately.

Any more questions, please contact us freely any time and fill out the below form.

You could send us email directly. Our email ID is [email protected]


Elictrl produce and export wide range of products of electronic controller. Our main products are electric oven control panel, gas oven control board, steam oven control system, range hood switch, cooker hoods control panel, gas hob timer, stove range controller, etc.

Oven Controller
Range Hoods Control
Gas Hob Timer
BLDC Motor Control