Good luck! Dear Customers. Finally you found the oven controller supplier whom you are looking for.
Elictrl is a specialists on industry of electronic controller on household appliances.

How to get a free sample from us?

  1. If requested a free sample, the first thing need be done immediately is sending email in details at [email protected] directly.
  2. In mail, you should detailedly introduce your esteemed company to us.
  3. when we replied your email, in order to avoid email spam detected or rejected by your domain server, please add our email ID into your inbox friendly ID. It’s very important for both of us.
  4. Please send us your detailed courier address for us to deliver free samples to you quickly.

How many sets of free sample could be provided?

  1. Normally speaking, according to our Free Sample Rules, you could apply for 1 set only.
  2. If there was any possibility to ask for 2 sets or more? Firstly please send email, and then we could talk later.

Could be customized for free sample?

  1. Free sample can not be made accordingly.
  2. A free sample is only for test on our quality and let you know our quality fastly.
  3. After you confirmed free sample quality, we’ll make new samples according to your requirements.


Elictrl produce and export wide range of products of electronic controller. Our main products are electric oven control panel, gas oven control board, steam oven control system, range hood switch, cooker hoods control panel, gas hob timer, stove range controller, etc.

Oven Controller
Range Hoods Control
Gas Hob Timer
BLDC Motor Control