For the founder of the company, like his child, there are always a lot of hope and love on the company’s brand.

Imagine that now, your child is born, you need to give him or her a name. Excuse me, what kind of name would you take?

The name Elictrl is not a casual name. It has two key words. The first word is Electronic, and the second word is Control, so you see,

Electronic+Control=Eli+Ctrl = ELICTRL, this is our brand name, very easy-to-memory.

This brand name expresses our founders’ enthusiasm and efforts to the company’s dedication to the electronic controller business of household appliances.

The main product of our company’s start -up stage is the electronic controller of the range hood, and everyone in kitchen appliances industry well known that the most big-name range hood brand in the world is ELICA in Italy. It can also be said that our founder shows his ambition on creating a world well -known brand of electronic controller of kitchen appliances.

So, what is Ctrl? Obviously, it is the abbreviation of word Control. At the same time, do you imagine, is this abbreviation very familiar to you? Do you seem to have seen this abbreviation often?

Yes, you feel right. CTRL is the button in the lower left corner of your keyboard, a control button.

In the end, the combination of these two words strongly illustrates that our Elictrl company must work hard to become the world’s famous brand in electronic controller of kitchen appliances.

Thank you for reading for our brand’s meaning, and hope to start depth and long -term cooperation with you.

Written by Elictrl Founder in 2011