A quality control is big issue for all producing process. Elictrl is keeping on quality control strictly always. We say it’s our pre-conditions of competition and living in the market.

How to make a comprehensive quality control plan by us?

Elictrl’s comprehensive quality control, we called ECQC in short.

About ECQC, there are 3 parts.

Part#1. Quality control on R&D step

1). We choose high-top brand of raw materials. We use FR-4 PCB raw materials, world top well-knew brand electronic components, etc.

2). We develop hardware by ourselves according to our client’s requirement and meet up all functions matched.

3). We make programming of main-control IC by ourselves. So it’s quite conveniently to make any changes on program if you asked for.

4). Our tech points could pass China CCC certificates, CE certificates, ETL certificates, etc.

5). Our products performance could pass EMI & EMC test if required.

6). Our products performance could pass 3000V high voltage test and 4000V EFT test if required.

7). We’re a leading manufacturer on electronic controller. But we always do test on whole appliances like our clients did. We test all functions and make records and improvement.

8). We detected some points of oven cavity, making temperature records and optimizing. To use our special algorithm of temperature control, we could control the oven in precise temperature conditions.

Part#2. Quality control on Producing step

1). We use SMT machine to do surface installation for all small electronic components like resistance and capacitance, etc. SMT machine imported from German and Japan.

2). We use automated optical inspection machine to detect any points which were not be welded well.

3). After inspected by machine, our special worker will inspect two more times by their eyes.

4). 100% aging testing procedure. Testing time 48 hours.

5). When finding out any product not good enough, will be returned back to 1st production step and checked again.

6). If all tests are good enough or matching up our strict quality rules, and then will do package and export.

Part#3. Quality control on Aftersales step

1). We will analyze the quality issues from market and final users.

2). We will improve our quality continuously according to feedback of marketing.

3). We stay with our clients day by day to keep our eyes on market changes and pay double attentions on final user’s feeling of our electronic controller.

4). To support you strongly to satisfy your clients, and make your business bigger and more bigger.

Any comments, please contact us freely soon.


Elictrl produce and export wide range of products of electronic controller. Our main products are electric oven control panel, gas oven control board, steam oven control system, range hood switch, cooker hoods control panel, gas hob timer, stove range controller, etc.

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