A# Elictrl is a National High-tech Enterprises certified by China Government, whom located in China Kitchen Appliances Productions Center.

  1. Based on 2 main conditions above mentioned, Elictrl with powerful ability to design, R&D and produce on electronic controller of household appliances.
  2. We study and use the most edge cutting high-tech in China, and then produced our built-in oven control panel or control board with these high technologies.

B# Elictrl founded their own R&D team, including UI design team, hardware team, programming team.

  1. We provide comprehensive solutions for kitchen appliances, which including UI, graphic, out-looking designed services. To make your control panel surface being very charming.
  2. Our hardware team and programming team could make you satisfied according to your all required functions and performance. At any step of business with us, if you asked for, we could make changes oven controller quickly.

C# What’s the new high-tech used for our electronic controller for built-in oven, gas oven, steam oven, gas hob and range hood, etc?

  1. Voice control. The final users could instruct their built-in oven or other kitchen appliances installed at home by talking with oven. And ask the oven to proced any functions they wanted which done by touch keys originally. To release your hands free, and enjoy a best cooking time with your family.
  2. WiFi & APP control. To add a WiFi part and install a App software in your cell phone, you could control your built-in oven or other household appliances at any time and anywhere.
  3. Think about it! When cooking functions is working, need one hour. At this moment, you could have a sit in your comfortable sofa with your children and soul-mate, watching TV and waiting for dinner time. You could check any cooking conditions easily by checking App in your cell phone.
  4. Before going working, you could put the raw foods into oven firstly. Now, before work off time, just check your app and send a instruction quickly and inform the oven to start cooking. When you arrive at home, your loved meal is ready. Woo! That’s amazing fantastic.
  5. Knock / Tap control. When cooking process, you want to check your favorite dishes if was baked well. Before, you need touch lighting key and check. But now, you just easy-to-go by knock down the front glass of oven tenderly, the lighing inside of oven cavity will On or Off.
  6. Gesture control. To control any functions you want just by move your hand from left to right side of switch panel area. Or move your hand vice versa. Sometimes, your hands are full of oil, butter, powder, it’s not better to touch switch panel by fingers. So, gesture control is a good choice.
  7. Other more new technologies used on kitchen appliances, which we don’t want to let our competitors to know or you don’t wish your competitors to use firstly, yes, we do not show here. (If you’re the manager of innovation department) Please contact us promptly now at [email protected] directly.

D# Important tips: the voice control not only controlled with English language, but also workable for your local languages. So gorgeous function.

Please remember in minds, Elictrl is your good helper in kitchen appliances productions. Don’t miss, contact us soon.


Elictrl produce and export wide range of products of electronic controller. Our main products are electric oven control panel, gas oven control board, steam oven control system, range hood switch, cooker hoods control panel, gas hob timer, stove range controller, etc.

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